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Lou on the Rialto Bridge in Venice

About Me

My photography interests started a long time ago as the photographer for my high school newspaper. I continued to develop my interest in how light can be captured and images produced to capture the moment, a feeling or a thought. Over the years my interests expanded to use images, both still and moving to capture the moments and tell stories. Happy stories, sad stories, family stories and life stories.

With a diversified background in Technology, Music, Show Productions and Consulting, my generalist approach to life allowed me to recognize, frame, and capture THE moment.

With the debut of digital to the world of photography, it was an easy transitioned for me to the new media. Gone was the darkroom moving aside to the make room for the computer, monitors and printers imaging systems. At the outset of “cable” our local cable operator was struggling with the FCC requirement that they air several hours of “local” programming. Not known to shy away from an opportunity to continue my learning and understanding of, well, almost anything, I set out to convince the Station Manager that I could meet the goal with minimum cost and risk to him or the studio. I would train the crew, find someone that had a local message and produce “local” programming.

Lou Veltri Photography became the commercial backbone for me and my creativity. Incorporated in 2001 when several children modeling agencies saw my work and asked if I would shoot their clients headshots.

Merging my consulting background and having played with various types of portrait formats, Lou Veltri Photography offered the "Documenting Life" photographic services. A marriage of consulting and photography. "Documenting Life" is a planned photo session to capture your family in their most memorable situations recreated for the camera, with a plan to update it every few years.

As my modeling customers started to grow up, including my daughter Samantha, I found myself calling on my prior experiences in television production.

Lou Veltri Productions was unleashed to provide professional level, live event services to several stage productions groups featuring our growing children. And, of course, sports and other events fell into place.

Please check out our services by clicking the Service menu item. If you don’t see what you need just let me know. I guarantee that we will do everything possible to exceed your expectations and provide you with a product you will be proud of.